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Manual Wood & Log Splitters for Sale

Manual Wood & Log Splitters for Sale

Going through an entire pile of firewood with an axe can surely induce a wood-splitting headache! Why not switch to manual log splitters that do the same job with added force, power and leverage meaning you can do the same job without breaking your back. There are no hassles and the logs are ready to be used at the fireplace within a fraction of the time you would have spent with an axe. As an added advantage, these manual wood splitters are good for the environment as well since they do not use gas or electricity. Due to this fact, these are much cheaper than the electric or hydraulic log splitters. You can purchase the manual log splitters on sale in different tonnage depending on the kind of power you require and whether you need it for home or for work outside. They are available in 6 ton, 8, 10 as well as 12 ton models. The jack on these manual log splitters can be operated either by hand or foot. These convenient to use log splitters offer several features that make them the choice of millions out there who are looking for an easy alternative to splitting wood. These manual wood splitters on sale usually come with wedges that are adjustable and the splitters are fitted with a spring return foot pump. Lightweight and easy to carry, these manual wood splitters can be used indoors as well as outdoors and can easily fit into your truck so you can haul it out to help family or friends too!

Other than these advantages, the manual wood splitters for sale come in different sizes. They come in horizontal or horizontal vertical configuration allowing them to be used for soft wood as well as hard wood. If you have made your decision to purchase a manual log splitter to help cut the logs this winter, ours is the only website that will offer them at these prices! The manual log splitters on sale you will find with us come directly from the manufacturer meaning you get the manufacturer’s warranty on them ensuring assistance in case you need help with them. Your newly purchased manual wood splitter is usually shipped within one business day because we understand you can’t wait to begin splitting wood with ease. This is a great option offering you the freedom to finally spend some time in front of the glowing fire rather than being busy collecting and splitting wood in the freezing cold forever! If you are not sure which tonnage would suit your purpose best, simply give us a call, email us or live chat with us – we have the best of customer service you have ever dealt with. Not only will we give you well informed guidance, we will be there for you even after your purchase and delivery of the manual log splitters. Now that you have finally made your decision to end the days when splitting logs was a task, why not take advantage of our week long up to 30% sale on all the products!

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