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Vertical Wood & Log Splitters for Sale

Vertical Wood & Log Splitters for Sale

Splitting wood is a hard job. Firewood is a common and cheaper alternative to electric heating and you can save thousands of dollars each year on your utility bills when you use wood for heating up your home through winters. Obviously, if you are doing this with an axe and continually straining your back, it may not make any sense to pay those saved thousands to a physician! Technology has presented us with log splitters that make splitting logs a child’s game and with the latest vertical log splitters, it couldn’t be any easier! If you use your log splitter only for smaller logs, you may probably not need a vertical wood splitter but if you have ever found yourself in a situation where your back has ached like crazy after hauling large logs onto the splitter – well, you know you need these vertical log splitters to make it easy and quick. The vertical log splitters allow you to roll the heavy logs onto the machine and all you need to do is just raise the edge to make it stand vertically for splitting. You can pick up these vertical wood splitters in gas powered or electric models. There are some machines that allow for both horizontal and vertical operation when the bed of the splitter can pivot to both positions making splitting logs a breeze!

Just like any other category of splitters, you can find all of your favorite brands of vertical log splitters on sale with us. If you want to determine which one you need, the classification is by the tonnage of the models you are checking out. The pressure that splits the logs comes from the hydraulic pump which can again be either driven by electricity or gas. Ideally, for use at home, you could check out our electric vertical wood splitters for sale that are up to 12 tons. For daily use, go for the section with vertical log splitters for sale with more than 12 tons. Some of the bigger machines even come with a 3 way or 4 way axe attachment meaning with just one stroke of the ram, you are able to split the log into several pieces. Imagine the amount of time you will save with this one! Did I already tell you that for this week, you can avail our 30% off bargains and get your choicest vertical log splitters for the lowest cost ever?! If you are not even sure what kind of log splitter will suit your needs best or if you are worried the tonnage on the vertical log splitters would be too less or too much, simply contact us and we will help. Our customer service has always been commended for its knowledge, informed guidance and timely assistance. Email us, chat with us or call us and we will ensure you do no miss out on this week long sale just because you did not know what kind of vertical wood splitter on sale you wanted!

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